Learning 3D Studio Lighting

Learning 3D Studio Lighting

Lately I’ve been researching about professional illumination techniques to make illustrations in 3D, because I want to try and make renders that have a cool cinematic look. After studying a lot I prepared this studio lighting to lit the 3D model below.

Studio lighting in 3D Blender of a character

I tried to get nice contrasts of light and shadows in the volumes of his anatomy using many softboxes and flags to bounce the light in the directions I wanted inside the 3D software.

I still haven’t decided which 3D software I’m going to use in the future, but for this tests I’ve used Blender, and I’ve rendered this image using Cycles.

There are plenty of tutorials on how to make cool studio settings made by talented people that know much more than I do, so I won't get into further details.

Still, if you are curious about the materials, shaders or lights I’ve used, feel free to contact me and I’ll try and tell you more about it.

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