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Medieval House - 8

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This is a digital 3D model of a medieval house of medium size with a T-shape base and two stories.

The product includes the Medieval Fantasy Door, the Shutter Window, the Simple Medieval Clothesline, a patch of Lavender Plants, and the Liana Designer (Custom Curve).

Inside the house there is a wooden structure with a loft. The structure can be used as an independent model to represent a house under construction. 

The roof is built with weathered slate shingles. The windows have a Boolean modifier, and can be moved and repositioned, opened and closed for further customization.

Please note: The Door and Window use a Boolean modifier to make a hole on the surfaces, and can be moved and repositioned anywhere in the wall and the roof. Please, take this into consideration when exporting the model, because the holes might not be saved or if the Boolean is applied they might create n-gons in the mesh.

 This model and all its textures are compatible with the other houses in the Medieval House Collection, and the materials and textures can be swapped between models to make a great number of variations!

  • This model can be used for any Medieval/Fantasy render project, used either as a background prop, or as a closeup prop due to its high detail and visual quality.
  • Low polygon count makes it perfect for fast renders and real-time visualization.
  • Texture resolutions in 8K for flawless closeups.
  • Product format files are Blender and OBJ, and PNG and TIF for the images.
  • Access to future versions (sing up required).

You can obtain the 3D Software to use this product for free at the Blender Foundation

Please note: The inspection model below may be outdated. Please compare with the product images for an accurate description of the product's current version.

The Blender file is ready-to-render, and includes an EXR image to lit the scene.

SM5 by Heledahn HDRI-02: Light Tent