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Leather Quiver with Arrows


Leather Quiver with Arrows

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This is a digital 3D model of a leather quiver attached to the character's waist by a decorated belt. The leather is weathered and damaged, and it resembles being handmade, with rough stitches and clumsy carvings on the surface. Attached to the quiver there is a hunter's knife, and hanging from a hook there is a rolled rope.

The design is well suited for medieval and fantasy settings, although is intended for modern or Steampunk. In the event of using the model for a medieval theme, it is recommended to remove or conceal the metal hook that holds the rope, since it's a modern device.

  • This model can be used for any render project, used either as a background prop or for closeup shots due to its high detail and visual quality.
  • Low polygon count makes it perfect for fast renders and real-time visualization.
  • Texture resolutions in 4K for flawless closeups.
  • Product format files are Blender and OBJ, and PNG and TIFF for the images.
  • Access to future versions.

You can obtain the 3D Software to use this product for free at the Blender Foundation

Product Details

This product will achieve realistic results in your rendering projects and animations, being greatly suited for close-ups due to their high quality topology and PBR shading.

The product includes the hunter's knife model and the rolled rope (manila).

The product contains Albedo, Roughness, Metallic, Height, Opacity and Normal map (OpenGL) textures for each material.

3D formats

Blender file, OBJ

Download size

102 MB


Quads 12.3k

Total triangles 24.6k

Vertices 13.3k






UV layers


Vertex colors




Rigged geometries


Morph geometries
Scale transformations


Model Inspector


The Blender file is ready-to-render, and includes an EXR image to lit the scene.

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