Our Mission 🧭

We have a mission: To tell a story. A very cool, exciting, inspiring, larger than life adventure. 

This story is long, it happened in another world, and it covers events that span for thousands of years from the past, to the present day. It will probably take us decades to finish, but we believe in the project, and we're sure many will connect with it 💞

To be able to work on a project of such magnitude, we've divided it in parts, starting with what we call "Practice Stories."

These practice stories are by themselves quite ambitions, we're not sure we'll be able to deliver them, but we are willing to give it all we've got 💪

Regarding the format, we know it will combine narrative, visuals, and music. And we'll do it all in BLENDER.

On this BLOG, we'll write updates on the state of the project, and show all the WIPs, tests, and other discoveries. We hope that it will be of interest and that it'll help us build momentum for when we're ready for the grand release!

Simultaneously, we'll be working on building a WIKI to help us organize all the information, the characters, the places, and the events that take place.

We've been preparing for this initial phase since 2019, and we are eager to showcase what we've achieved! 

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned 📺

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