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Simple Medieval Door & Window

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This is a digital 3D model of a medieval style window and door made of wood, with rusty metal hinges, locks, bolts, and a door handle. 

The door comes in three designs: Green, Yellow, and Blue.

  • These models can be used for any render project, used either as background prop or for closeup shots due to their high detail and visual quality.
  • Low polygon count makes it perfect for fast render and real-time visualization.
  • Texture resolutions in 4K for flawless renders.
  • Product format files are Blender and OBJ, and PNG and TIF for the images.
  • Access to future versions (sing up required).

You can obtain the 3D Software to use this product for free at the Blender Foundation

Please note: The inspection model below may be outdated. Please compare with the product images for an accurate description of the product's current version.

The Blender file is ready-to-render, and includes an EXR image to lit the scene.

SM5 by Heledahn HDRI-02: Light Tent