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CHARLOTTE | Transhuman4Blender - Persona |

CHARLOTTE | Transhuman4Blender - Persona |

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This product consists of a digital 3D model of an anatomically correct human body, with its own unique skin and displacement map, and a set of realistic eyes. The character's mesh was designed for perfect deformations when posed and animated. 

Please note: The character comes in T pose. The armature used to pose the character and the facial hair seen in the sample images are not included in the product (so it can be safely used with T4B). The plugin, Transhuman4Blender and its options are not included and must be purchased separately.

The teeth and underwear are included (to use outside of a T4B pipeline).

📑 Instructions: How to Use Persona


  • Medium-dark skin, slightly unsaturated
  • Original amber eye color with subtle gradient
  • Bow-shaped lips, strong reverse cleft in the lower lip, juicy, medium sized, slightly uneven and blurred contour
  • Anatomically correct, realistic inside mouth
  • Unique freckles, medium sunburn, medium-high skin damage (acne scars)
  • Rectangular face with well defined hollow cheeks and slightly bulging, deep-set eyes
  • Pronounced brow ridge with a distinctive angle between brow and forehead
  • Geometrical nose with a tall glabella and chiseled wings. Strong, visible nasalis
  • Soft upper and lower body, subtle cellulite, visible sacrum triangle
  • Big breasts with large areolas
  • Muscular symmetry in the front and back, as well as the face
  • Subtle 4-pack visible in the abdominal area, slightly blurred by fat pads
  • Medium pronounced veins in arms & legs, very strong veins in shoulders
  • Vertical shaped, deep-hollow belly button
  • Hands are almost the same as T4B's original shape
  • Feet are same as T4B's feminine shape
  • Body is the same as T4B female shape. Only the skin, the head shape, and the displacements of head, hands & feet are unique to this Persona

Product Details

The product contains Albedo, Roughness, Specular, Height, Subdermal Simple, Subdermal Complex, Normal Map (OpenGL), and an Eye Color textures.

3D formats Blender file, FBX, GLB
Image format PNG, TIF
Image resolution 4K, 8K (Height, Normal)
Download size 330 MB (Blender folder)
Geometry (Body)

Faces 9k

Total triangles 18k

Vertices 9k

PBR Metalness
Textures 9
Materials 3
UV layers Yes
Vertex colors No
Animations 0
 Rigged geometries No
Morph geometries 3 - Base, Head, Body
Scale transformations No

Additional Info

Persona is an element addon for Transhuman4Blender, meant to replace or complement the plugin's base model, but it can also be purchased and used as an independent 3D model.

Model Inspector


The Blender file is ready-to-render, and includes an EXR image to lit the scene.

Included EXR file to lit the scene

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