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HDRI-32: Medieval Desk

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This product is an HDR Equirectangular image of a medieval desk scene full of interesting antique objects all lit by candlelight. This image is perfect for rendering objects set on the table surface, receiving amazing reflections of the surroundings.

The product is an OpenEXR image, that can be used in any 3D editing and/or rendering software package such as Maya, 3D Studio Max, Blender, Keyshot, etc…

  • Production Quality images for Image-based Lighting
  • A Professional Light Rig to illuminate your 3D models
  • Immersive period scenery
  • An easy lighting setup
  • Faster renders than by illuminating with virtual lamps


    The design of this HDRI consists of a medieval desk full of antique items such as a quill and an inkwell, several parchments, golden coins, bottles of wine and medicine, an hourglass, rustic books, a skull lamp and apples among other things.
    The room is a stone construction of medieval style (castle or stronghold). It includes a window with a mesh curtain and a riveted door. There is also a fireplace on the side, adding soft and warm shades to the lighting.