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HDRI-31: Character Illumination Studio

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This product is an HDR Equirectangular image of a Photography Studio light rig. This product will achieve realistic results in your rendering projects and animations, being greatly suited for faster renders and easier lighting setups.

The product is an OpenEXR image, that can be used in any 3D editing and/or rendering software package such as Maya, 3D Studio Max, Blender, Keyshot, etc…

  • Production Quality images for Image-based Lighting
  • A Professional Light Rig to illuminate your 3D models
  • An easy lighting setup
  • Faster renders than by illuminating with virtual lamps


    The design of this HDRI consists of a main frontal softbox, set to illuminate the character's face, a back round light bulb that colors the side surfaces of the character with a calming blue shade, and a back rim light that contours the character's silhouette framing the hair and the overall shape, offering rich, complex reflection details, and interesting light/shadow effect on the characters skin.