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HDRI-28: Ocean Misty Night | Env. Dome |

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This product is an HDR Equirectangular image of an Ocean Scene of a Misty Night. 

With this dome, you can add detail, light to your scene, and save a lot of rendering time, AND it's totally scalable! The days of having a tiny character floating in an endless, still environment are over! 

This product will achieve realistic results in your rendering projects and animations, being greatly suited for faster renders and easier lighting setups.

The product format file is an OpenEXR image, that can be used in any 3D editing and/or rendering software package such as Maya, 3D Studio Max, Blender, Keyshot, etc…
  • Production Quality images for Image-based Lighting
  • Scalable, movable, and it lits the scene!
  • A Professional CG Outdoor Scene to illuminate your 3D models
  • An easy lighting setup
  • Faster renders than by illuminating with virtual lamps


The design of this HDRI consists of a landscape of dark water, moon and mist, that illuminates your scene in a realistic and natural way.

Image Size  4000 x 2000 pixels
Download Size  13 MB
Includes Environment Dome  YES (Blender file)

👍 Pro tip: Move the camera to the center of the sphere and enjoy the view!