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  • Digital human (Transhuman). 3D character with rig for mocap and facial animation blendShapes for Blender
  • Digital human (Transhuman). 3D character with rig for mocap and facial animation blendShapes for Blender
  • Digital human (Transhuman). 3D character with rig for mocap and facial animation blendShapes for Blender
  • 3d character with different HDRI illuminations. PBR skin
  • 3D character videogame ready clean mesh, low-poly with mesh hair
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Transhuman Lite - A1 | Mixamo Rig & Facial animation |

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This is a 3D model of a digital human with realistic proportions and perfect PBR shading. 

The model comes with a unique particle hair and an identical low-poly mesh card hair (with eyebrows and eyelashes for real time engines).

There are two skin materials: Design (with makeup) and Plain (a clean, hairless skin).

The character's mesh also includes Apple's facial blendShape keys for easy animations using an IPhone X or above (for example, Rokoko's facial animation app), and a Mixamo FK/IK rig for traditional and mocap animation, with accurate weighs for perfect deformations.

See sample animation HERE.

The model is fully clothed, wearing a tank top and boxer shorts that can be removed if needed. For sensible reasons, the model comes with no genitals. Compatible male and female genitals can be purchased separately HERE.

  • This model is perfect either as a background prop, or as a closeup prop due to its high detail and visual quality.
  • Low polygon count makes it perfect for fast renders and real-time visualization.
  • Texture resolutions in 4K and 8K for flawless closeups.
  • Mixamo rig for traditional and motion capture animations.
  • Apple blendShapes for fast and realistic facial animation.
  • Low-poly mesh hair, eyebrows and eyelashes for real time engines.
  • Particle hair, peach fuzz and other body hairs for raytraced rendering.
  • Transhuman Lite plugin for easier usage and customization.
  • Scalable environment dome included.
  • Product format files are Blender and OBJ, and PNG and TIF for the images.
  • Access to future versions (sing up required).

You can obtain the 3D Software to use this product for free at the Blender Foundation


  • We recommend installing the Mixamo plugin for Blender for transferring motion capture files onto the rig.
  • The model's face can be animated with an iPhone X or above. For the facial animation we use Rokoko Face Capture, however, any app that works with Apple's blendShapes may be used. It can also be animated by hand by keying the shape keys.
  • When opening the Blender file, a dialogue may prompt you to allow the execution of the script 'Transhuman'. Clicking 'Allow Execution' is safe. It will start the plugin to control the Environment Dome and edit the character's options.
  • If the prompt doesn't appear and you don't see the Transhuman Lite tab, you can run the script manually by clicking on the top tab 'RUN SCRIPT HERE' and then clicking the ▶️ button.

Please note: The inspection model below may be outdated. Please compare with the product images for an accurate description of the product's current version.

The Blender file is ready-to-render, and includes an EXR image with a scalable Environment Dome to lit the scene.

SM5 by Heledahn HDRI-11: Two Lightboxes Top