Transhuman for Blender

Transhuman for Blender

Currently, we only offer Transhuman Lite in the shop (cheaper, reduced version), but we have several Transhumans available for purchase (contact us if you are interested)

We also take commissions. You can order a Transhuman Lite with specific characteristics, and we will create it for you.

What is Transhuman?

Transhuman is a 3D character creator for Blender developed by SM5 by Heledahn.

With Transhuman, you can quickly customize the characters to achieve many unique variants. You can edit their appearance using sliders to create the face and body of your own original characters, as easily as in a video game creator!

You can also change their weight, their musculature, their gender, and their age. Choose specific colors for their skin, their eyes, their hair, and add makeup, scars, and tattoos, to make the perfect character for you!

How was Tranhuman made, and why is it good for me?

We developed this tool to help us create diverse characters quickly and efficiently for our personal project. 

We produced our characters using 3D scans, and sculpted extra details to achieve our aesthetic goals.

We retopologized the sculpts to be animation-ready, and evaluated every single possible pose to perfect the topology's loop flow and make flawless human-like deformations.

The skin was hand-painted to be extremely customizable and as close as real human skin as possible.

You can easily change the skin color to any shade, and make the character look healthy or sick by increasing or decreasing the fat tissue, veins, bones and cartilage hues of the body (subsurface). You can even make the character look dead.

Anything is possible!

What else can I do with Transhuman?

We've talked about the skin colors and the face and body sliders, but Transhuman has many more options for you.

You can select your character's base eye color, and further edit the shade to match what you are looking for. You can also add redness, and alter the pupils shape in many fun ways to make every character unique.

Play with the eyelashes and make them shorter, or impossibly long. Add mascara, change their color, add more or fewer hairs... 

...And talking about hairs, humans are hairy. Transhumans are hairy too!

Simply click to activate stubbles, beards, hairy chests, hairy arms, legs, armpits, down-theres... Or if you want real-time and you want to stay clear of particles, turn on the texture body hairs. You can even specify the length, the coarseness and the amount of the texture hairs!

And while we're on this topic, Transhuman comes with beautiful particle hair that animates like real-life hair. We designed all the settings for you to hit the 'play' button and see the gorgeous locks flow with your character's movement!

You can also change the color of the hair and add root variation and a secondary color, perfect for adding dies, highlights, or gray hairs.

But wait, there's more!

Dynamic Wrinkles

Transhuman comes with an extra plugin that will evaluate the mesh deformation and will add dynamic wrinkles to the compressed parts, folding your character's surface like natural human skin would fold!

With this option, you can add expression lines when the character smiles or frowns, and those lovely folds in your character's waist, neck, armpits, knees or feet when they bend!

Immersive World Dome

Rendering animations can be a very tedious task, especially when there are hundreds of props on the scene. All that rendering time can be dramatically reduced by using environment images to lit your characters and fill their background with detailed environments.

But, as you probably know, matching the scale of the environment background to the character can be a nightmare that requires a broad knowledge of composition and nodes.

Fear no more! Transhuman includes a world dome that, when activated, will appear on your scene, lit your character, and add a gorgeous background that can be 100% scalable, moved and adjusted to match your scene to sheer perfection. 

You can also import any HDRI image you already own and use it for your render. With the Shadow and Reflection catcher options, you will have no trouble making that perfect animation with a detailed background in a fraction of the time! And no composition or node knowledge required!

Beautiful Renders

When adding backgrounds and shadow/reflection catchers, Transhuman makes the render layers for you and gives you a perfect render, but you can make it even better adding bokeh blur and color corrections, all with one click!

Transhuman includes a zdepth pass that will automatically set up for you the render layers and the bokeh within your custom distance. You can even specify the sharpness, and the blur amount of the background and of the props separately!

Rigged with motion capture in mind

We rigged Transhuman using Mixamo for its versatility and ease of use, and we hand painted the vertex weighs to make sure the body deforms just like an actual human body.

Mixamo is a free tool that can rig your character in seconds and to which you can apply any mocap animation you like from their extensive collection. With the Mixamo plugin, you can even transform the armature into an animation ready IK/FK rig and import mocap data into your Transhuman rig. See how to do this HERE.

But that's not all!

For mocap animation, your Transhuman is equipped with the 52 shape keys required for animating your character with Rokoko facial mocap (requires license). Using this tool, you can animate the character's emotions with your own face using an Iphone X or higher. The results are mind-blowing! And its super easy to synchronize!

Underwear and what's under...

Transhuman aims to be anatomically correct in every aspect, and that includes what's under the underwear.

In the NSFW panel, you will find options to activate male and female genitals, as well as other related parts that also exist and are nice to have. 

For those who are interested in exploring all the options available, we' will soon make a dedicated post.

For those who are not, Transhuman as default is fully clothed with customizable underwear (a tank top and boxers), that are already set up for cloth dynamics! You never need to see them naked if you don't want to!

More goodies

  • Dynamic breasts: Either for male or female, if you want hyper realism, turn on "dynamic breasts' option in the NSFW section and play the animation to bake cache the movement. The breasts will move naturally and follow the movement of your character as they would in real life!
  • Hand pose library: X poses ready to browse and use. Perfect for cleaning mocap and adding extra realism to those hands!
  • All the makeup in the world: We've said you can add makeup, but we haven't stressed just how many options there are! You can achieve unlimited styles with detailed shading, smudging, and other effects with Transhuman's makeup options!
  • Save your presets: There is nothing as good as this tool. You can save all the different Transhuman variations you make by saving and naming them with presets.

Character variation examples:

We made the following characters using only one Transhuman! (AGATHA)

Okay, but what are the limitations?

Transhuman is perfect in every way, but of course, there are certain limitations that you must consider before getting yours. 

1. Transhuman is so versatile, it comes with a lot of textures and nodes to make the magic happen! But be careful when using preview render, because the huge amount of data can slow down some computers.

2. Too many nodes active will render your character pink, especially in Eevee

Way to fix this: If you are using Eevee, you may need to prioritize which features to use. If your character has all the makeup options active, and tattoos, and scars, and dynamic wrinkles, and old age, the number of connected textures might exceed the limit set by the renderer, so you will have to remove options until it renders well. Or we can wait for a version of Blender with a higher texture limit! 

3. Transhuman works only for Blender. To use it on other platforms, you must bake the textures and apply the modifiers before exporting your character. We recommend using the plugin SimpleBake.

4. Transhuman is not a software, it's a blender file with a plugin that allows for extensive customization. 

5. We don't guarantee we will update versions or offer customer service unless there is something wrong with the product, in which case, we will fix it to perfection.

And if you don't need that many goodies?

If you find Transhuman too pricey, or you are not sure of the quality you'll get, or you simply just want one character to customize in other applications, you can get a Transhuman Lite. 

Transhuman Lite is a unique character created and exported from one of our Transhumans, already baked and ready to go.

It includes mesh and particle hairs and some customization options, as well as the facial animation shapes and the mocap-ready Mixamo rig. Check out our Transhuman section to see more features.

Meet your future Transhuman today 💜

Hurry up, the number of Transhumans for sale is limited. We will only release 40 units of each character. Only forty lucky customers will benefit from the power and beauty of our Transhumans!

AGATHA - 40 units (ask price) LIMITED!

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing your Transhuman today!


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