Seven Windows for Seven Lords

Seven Windows for Seven Lords

For the Sylvan House Collection we have created seven widow designs: Tree (no lattice), Ash, Aspen, Bambu, Maple, Oak and Palm (foliage inspired lattices).

There are also seven types of wood to shade the seven designs: Walnut, Hardwood, Teak, Mahogany, Bubinga, Wenge and Ebony.

All the window designs are compatible, and each window may be shaded in any of the seven woods mentioned above. 

However, to make the download and pricing easier, we have grouped the designs and the wood textures in seven products, were each of the window models has been paired with the wood that best suits their own design.

There is one extra product (Sylvan Window Collection) that combines all the seven wood textures and designs in one, more economic, purchase (30% off).

With the Sylvan Window Collection the possibilities are endless, allowing you to mix and match any wood with any design, and achieve the perfect look and feel for your 3D house!

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