Transhuman4Blender || Wig ||

The Wig panel has option that control the color of your Transhuman's hair. These options, along with other customizations, can all be saved in the presets, allowing you to load your saved Transhuman's with their own custom Hair Color.

Transhuman4Blender wig panel

The first toggles allow you to hide the Wig in the Viewport and or in the Render.

Next we have the color options. You can specify the Color of the Scalp and the strength (opacity, thickness of the hair). This option is great for hiding bald spots that might show through the hair, by darkening the scalp to match the desired hair color. The maximum value of the slider is 1, but you add higher numbers if you need a greater coverage.

Transhuman4Blender Wig Scalp Strength

Main Color is the dominant color of your Transhuman's hair.

Transhuman4Blender Wig Hair Colors

The Root Color toggle will activate the color of the roots, which you can then select. You can spread the root color and make it sharp or smooth using the sliders in the Root Spread. Invert will switch the coloring from the Root to the Tips.

Transhuman4Blender Wig Root Spread

Add Highlights will add a secondary color to the hair color. It's very useful to add grey hairs or color variation. You can control the amount of highlights with the h slider.

Transhuman4Blender Wig Highlights Spread

If you make a new hair, please use the included "SM5 Hair Particle Material" for this panel to work 👌
All the hairs are curves, but we are working on the development of a new plugin that will automatically turn all the hair in the body (including body hairs) to mesh for those who need to export only geometry characters out of Blender or render in Eevee.