Transhuman4Blender || Troubleshoot ||

If Transhuman Renders pink in Eevee

Eevee has a limitation on the number of nodes that can be active in a given material. If Transhuman looks pink, it probably has too many nodes active. Try to preview it in Cycles to confirm if this is the case, or reduce the number of options that deal with the skin, such as body hair, scars, tattoos, age, or makeup.

If there are missing options in the panels

The plugin requires of all the nodes and names to be consistent and present in the file, and it can easily break if a name is modified, or an item is deleted.

If Transhuman ceases to work, make sure you didn't delete or rename any parts, or start a fresh scene and load a new Transhuman.

If Transhuman doesn't change appearance much when editing

It's easy to activate the BIND option and forget about it. If Transhuman doesn't change much despite edits, check that the modifier is off. There are times when the BIND/UNBIND button becomes desynchronized from the modifier panel, so you should check that it's unbounded there too.

If Finalize Hair / Body Hair fails when clicking the button

There are occasions when Finalize Hair fails to convert the hair to geometry and shows an error. This is because there are missing options in Blender's python that won't allow for a reliable programming of the feature. If the conversion fails, please try clicking Finalize Hair again. Also, try to click it with no objects selected. In most cases a second or third attempt will work.

What is the missing modifier "Add SQUISH Here"?

We recommend using the plugin for Blender "Squish- Instant Better Rig Deforms" by Xeofrios. If you are interested, please consider purchasing the plugin and selecting it in the designated empty Geometry nodes modifier. Our recommended settings are:

Transhuman4Blender squish recommended settings

⚠️ Careful when rendering in Level 0. Squish will make the fingers look strange.

The Pose Assets won't work with Mixamo

The pose assets in the library are meant to be used with the IK/FK rig and won't work with Mixamo.

The nails don't look perfect when using Persona

We still haven't found a way to import the nail shape for each individual persona so it looks perfect each time. We will try to find a better method, but for now, we recommend disabling the nails in the viewport/render when using Persona, or creating a new shape key for the nails and using sculpting tools to adjust the nail to the best position. 💅

The Underwear / Eyebrows / Others explode or become out of place

The Underwear, the Tears, and the mesh Eyebrows all need a SurfaceDeform modifier to work properly. This modifier is very sensitive to mesh changes, and it will cease to work if the Transhuman has a lower or a higher number of vertices. 

If your Underwear / Other is out of place, make sure you don't have the Simplify option enabled (limiting the subdivision of the meshes). Also make sure not to delete any object or to change any name.

If the file became corrupted, please create a new blender file and load a new Transhuman :)

📧 Have any other problems? Write to us and we'll update this list to include a solution for you!