Transhuman4Blender || Skin Color||

Skin Settings

You can change the hue of the skin, the saturation, the lightness or darkness. You can increase the Subdermal colors to achieve a sickness effect. You can also control how the skin details and anatomical details appear, as well as the shininess and reflectivity of the skin.

The Subdermal map can be Simple (just veins and redness) or Adaptive. Adaptive mode will automatically add blue, red and yellow hues depending on the anatomy of the Transhuman's body (crests and cavities), adding an extra depth to the skin. 

Transhuman4Blender - Subsurface map Simple vs Adaptive

Scars and Tattoos

Transhuman4Blender can add and utilize a wide variety of skin decorations and skin conditions, that can be loaded and applied under the 'Scars' section of the SKIN SETTINGS Panel.

As a default, Transhuman4Blender comes with two decorations: SM5 Freckles 1 Scars and SM5 Sexy Scars.

Transhuman4Blender beautiful skin and freckles, 3D character creator

Transhuman4Blender beautiful skin and sexy scars, 3D character creator

We have several more decorations, scars and tattoos available in the Transhuman page. To add them into your Transhuman file, simply import the images (for Tattoos) or the Scar material group, and select it from the dropdown.

💡 In order to appear in the dropdown properly, all skin conditions and decorations must be labeled with the 'Scars' suffix. 

You can activate Scars and Tattoos, and manipulate how they appear, to add extra details to your Transhuman's skin.

You can blend the scars, increase the bump, increase the color intensity and the brightness.

You can also load your own tattoo image texture, or paint directly into the included tattoo image.