Transhuman4Blender || Modifiers ||

There are several modifiers we can use to manipulate our Transhuman and achieve cool effects:

Transhuman4Blender modifiers panel

Subdivision Level

As you can already guess by the name and the icon, the sliders in this section control the subdivision level of your Transhuman for the viewport and for the render

It's convenient, but it's also very important to control the subdivision from this panel rather than from Blender's Properties panel, to avoid instability and failure with the other modifiers (mainly the Surface Deform) ⚠️

Face Randomizer

The Face Randomizer is a great tool for character design and discovery!

There are two modes: Standard and Progressive.

The Standard mode allows you to randomize the face of your Transhuman by simply clicking the Randomize button. Each time you press Randomize, a new variation will appear, and will override any previous values.

Transhuman4Blender Randomizer modifier in Standard mode

The Progressive mode will randomize the existing values, being greatly suited for finetuning an already created face, or a randomized face that you think can be improved.

Transhuman4Blender Randomizer modifier in Progressive mode

You can control the amount of variations with the Harmony / Chaos slider. Higher values (Chaos) will generate more extreme features, and lower values (Harmony) will create more realistic proportions.

Transhuman4Blender Randomizer modifier in Standard mode

Randomize Preset let's you choose a specific saved preset as a base to Randomize.

In this mode there is not much difference between Standard and Progressive (because the Randomizer used the selected Preset as base).

Transhuman4Blender randomize preset

Smooth Anatomy and Facial features

As the names states, this slider is useful to smooth artifacts and strange anatomy resulting from extreme customization choices, and attempt to return the mesh to a more neutral state.

This tool is especially useful when randomizing characters with a high amount of Chaos.

Transhuman4Blender smooth modifier

👍 This option is safe to use, since it will only affect the state of customization (face and body), but never the pose or the animation data.

Bind Finished Transhuman

If the previous modifier smoothed the customizations only, this option will smooth the artifacts and deformities caused by posing and animating.

In order to achieve the best results possible during animation, you must bind the finished Transhuman in T-Pose by clicking the BIND button. 

Once it's bound, the anatomy of your Transhuman will behave realistically at all times, even in the most extreme poses.

Transhuman4Blender bind Transhuman pose is flawless

If you decide to change the Transhuman's anatomy or face, remember to press the same button that now reads UNBIND.

Once you finish editing your Transhuman, you can bind it again at any time.

Dynamic Breasts

Dynamic Breasts is a modifier designed to add an extra layer of realism to your animations with Transhuman.

Once you have the scene setup and all the animations/customizations committed, it's safe to activate the option. It can adapt to the breast size and works well with either male or female breasts.

Since Dynamic Breasts is (for now) a cloth modifier, it's important to take the following into consideration:

  • Activate at the first frame to avoid explosions of the mesh
  • Needs to be baked (for better results, bake before hair and clothes)
  • Once baked, edits of the mesh and facial mocap animation are no longer possible, unless the bake is deleted (must bake again once all edits are final)
Transhuman4Blender Dynamic Breasts animated jumping up and down
Transhuman4Blender Dynamic Breasts animated jumping up and down

Dynamic Wrinkles

To add an extra layer of realism to your Transhuman renders, activate the toggle in the Dynamic Wrinkles section of the Modifiers panel.

Dynamic Wrinkles are calculated in real time and don't require baking. 

The wrinkles will appear in all the parts of the body that are being pinched and compressed, such as the belly, the neck, the armpits, the inner elbows and knees, and the face.

If you wish to adjust the result, you may do so in the settings in Blender's Properties panel (Dynamic Wrinkles modifier tab)

Finalize Hair

Transhuman4Blender finalize hair modifier

If you wish to export Transhuman to another platform and you need the hair mesh cards converted to geometry, Finalize Hair will do just that.

To make it work, you must first enable the desired hairs in the viewport, and turn them to mesh using the features in the Wig / Hair & Fur panels. Then, clicking Finalize will convert them to geometry, and grooming / editing capabilities will be lost. 

Please remember that this modifier randomly fails from time to time. Trying again and again seems to work in most cases.