Transhuman4Blender || Features & Limitations ||


  • Create realistic characters in Blender with ease using sliders and color picks 🎚️
  • Add custom/imported base meshes, skins and displacements for extra flexibility
  • Add tattoos, scars, and other skin effects 🧟
  • Add makeup, nail polish, missing teeth, eye conditions, visible veins...
  • Use the randomizer to create/discover new faces ✨
  • Use 'Conception' to mix two Transhumans into one 👶
  • Make unique hair colors with roots and highlights
  • Turn all the hair to mesh for a real-time Transhuman! ⏱️
  • Mesh hairs retain grooming capabilities and it's non-destructive! 💇
  • Save your presets and load them at any time 💾
  • Animate your character with mocap, or simply pose them by hand 💃🏽
  • Includes Dynamic Wrinkles and Dynamic Breasts
  • Have fun with the NSFW features (adults only) 🌶️


  • Tested only in Blender 3.6.0. Other versions may not work correctly.
  • Previews require a powerful computer 💪
  • Depending on your specs render time might be slow 🐢
  • Must bake all materials if you want to export Transhuman 📦
  • Preview in Eevee might show up as pink if too many options are selected