Transhuman4Blender || Eye Color||


There are four base eye colors to choose from: Blue, Green, Amber, and Brown. 

Transhuman4Blender 3d character creator for blender, beautiful eyes in blue, green, amber and brown, fully customizable

You can use these colors as they are, or lighten/darken them, pick a custom color, or add a halo.

There are several finishes you can achieve by manipulating the Redness, the Cornea Roughness, and the Cornea Reflectivity (great for increasing beauty reflections in the rendered eyes)

The Iris size and the Pupil can be increased or decreased, either for aesthetic reasons or to add an extra layer of dynamism to your animations. 

You can also change the pupil type to Cat, Goat, or Star (the later works best with an open pupil)

Cornea / Sclera

You can achieve eye damage/blindness effect by adding a white tint to either the 'Right Cornea' or 'Left Cornea', or to 'Both Cornea', and reducing the Transmission slightly. 

To make shinny black alien eyes, add 100% black tint to 'Both Cornea'

To make eye tattoo effects, chose the tint amount and color of your liking and write either 'Right Sclera', 'Left Sclera' or 'Both Sclera'


The tears can be also colored, for various effects.