Transhuman4Blender || Body ||

As a default, Transhuman4Blender displays a body that is meant to be genderless, and has a complexion intended to be of no ethnicity.

To create the basic shape, we averaged the bodies of 10 women and 10 men of various ethnicities and body types. The averaged result was ZERO.

Transhuman4Blender base body is gender neutral and with no ethnicity

ZERO is a blank canvas in which you can project any person or idea you might have, and watch it come alive with the power of Blender.

After modifying the eyes and skin colors, and designing the perfect face for your Transhuman, is time to make the right body to go with it.

The first thing we are asked in the Body panel is to choose a base for the body.

Transhuman4Blender body appearance panel

The bases are separated into Female (F) and Male (M), but all the shapes are interchangeable (more on that later).

Begin by selecting the gender of your Transhuman. A number of 1 means 100% influence.

Transhuman4Blender female base shapeTranshuman4Blender male base shapeTranshuman4Blender female weight + shapeTranshuman4Blender male weight + shapeTranshuman4Blender female weight - shapeTranshuman4Blender male weight - shapeTranshuman4Blender female muscles shapeTranshuman4Blender male muscles shape

You can either go for 100% influence, or try with lesser amounts to achieve other interesting body types. 

Then, you can add or remove weight, or make them muscular, or all at once!

No matter what you choose, the body will always look good. The gender you choose for the base also doesn't matter, in the sense that you can at any time add from the opposite gender, and the result will still look great as long as you keep the sum of all values between 1 to 1.5 (higher values might produce results that are too extreme or cartoonish).

Transhuman4Blender can mix body shapes of different genders and it always looks great

Adding Age will add a layer of wrinkles to the face and soft sagging to the whole body, as well as color the skin with freckles and natural stains to evoke older skin.

Transhuman4Blender adding AGE shape

Once you have decided the overall shape, you can finetune it with the second set of sliders, to manipulate the Breasts, the Waist, the Hips, and the Shoulders.

Transhuman4Blender body extra slidersLast step is to select a unique shape of Hands and Feet. Here you can lean for a more masculine/feminine proportion ration, elder, neutral, or increase the length of the nails.

Transhuman4Blender hand shapes: Masculine, Femenine, Neutral, Elder, and long nailsTranshuman4Blender feet shapes: Neutral, Masculine, Feminine

Gender Definition Ratio (Optional)

There is an option, at the bottom of the BODY panel, that you might want to check in the event that your Transhuman's anatomy does not look 100% like you expected.

The adding and removing of mass, as well as the mix between gender specific shapes is automatically calculated by the plugin depending on your choices. But it can happen, in some cases, that the ratio doesn't match your vision.

In this panel, you can help the plugin define the features of the Transhuman's gender by moving the slider towards the F (for a female effect) or towards the M (for a Male effect).

Transhuman4Blender Gender Definition Ratio example

👍 It is recommended to check the final body in render preview mode with a Subdivision level of 1 or 2, to make sure the anatomy looks correct. If it doesn't, adjusting the Gender Definition Ratio will help with artifacts and strange anatomical features.

💡 Don't be afraid to mix shapes from both Female and Male columns. The final gender will be determined by the Gender Definition Ratio, so it's very useful to add muscles, weight +, or weight - from the Male column into a Female character, and vice versa, to achieve a specific body type.