Transhuman4Blender || Armatures ||

In the 'Armatures' panel you can hide the armatures from view, activate a proportions checker, switch between the regular Mixamo armature (for FK animation or motion capture data), and the IK/FK Mixamo Rig for manual posing (needs the free Mixamo plugin for enhanced usage), and add the Toes rig option.

For the face animation you can choose between the Face rig, or Mocap mode.

Proportions Check

With the 'Check Proportions' option you can enable a grid to use as a guide to ensure your character's face design is within realistic ideals.

Mixamo Rig

The Mixamo Rig is great to use with mocap animation, as well as for simple FK posing. 

To pose your Transhuman, simply enter 'Pose mode' and set the pose you'd like your character to adopt. You can also choose a pose from the Animation Assets Library, or select a pose from the Animation side menu.

Blender's Asset Library, displaying a variety of animation poses for Transhuman4BlenderHow to choose a pose from Blender's animation tab in the side menu and apply it to your Transhuman4Blender

To add mocap data, select the Armature, go to Animation tab → Select Non-linear Animation → Copy/paste the animation data in the 'Transhuman Armature - MOCAP HERE'



Switch to the IK/FK option for manual animation/posing. The rig, as a default, comes in IK mode, and it can be used 'as is', but to further enhance the usage, we recommend installing the free Mixamo Rig plugin (you can find it here).

With the Mixamo Plugin you can switch between IK and FK, and you can also transfer mocap animations from the regular Mixamo armature to the IK/FK Armature. This option is great for animation editing, as you can see in the video below.

[TO DO:  VIDEO IK/FK, animation transfer and animation cleaning]

Face Rig / Mocap

Transhuman4Blender can be animated using Apple's facial shape keys, that can be controlled with an IPhone and an external mocap service (any mocap solution that works with Apple facial keys will do).

To animate your Transhuman's face, select you character's mesh and go to Animation tab → Select Non-linear Animation → Copy/paste the animation data in the 'Transhuman - FACE MOCAP HERE'


If you wish to have your character in a static pose, you can choose the option Face Rig. The Face Rig controls the Apple shape keys to work driven by bones. When the Face Rig option is selected, the Mocap data (if any) will be overwritten by the rig drivers.

To pose the face, select the Face Rig, enter Pose mode, and move the bones following the chart below. You can also use premade poses from the Pose Asset Library as well.


[TO DO: VIDEO OF FACE POSING and asset usage]


To add extra dynamism to your poses, you can pose/animate the toes! You can even save the poses in the Animation Asset Library for easier reuse.