OLD About us

Heledahn / Richard Wren / spr玄

  • Industry: 3D modeling, Animation, Design
  • Occupation: Writer, Designer, 3D illustrator, Animator, Music Enthusiast
  • Location: Japan 



  • We use ZBrush to sculpt people, animals, and organic things, and Blender for poly modeling, unwrapping, and rendering with Cycles
  • For texturing we use the Substance Suit and Photoshop
  • For modeling terrains we use Gaea
  • We animate our characters using Rokoko (we don't recommend it 👎)
  • We do photogrammetry and 3D scanning



  • English is not our native language, but we like how bendy it is. We find it easier to communicate in English than in our native tongue
  •  We use emojis for everything 🤦


🥘 Spanish design & Japanese technology

We are creators from the prefecture of Chiba, Japan. With Japanese and Spanish roots, our work leans towards to European graphic novels rather than traditional manga. 

We hope to create a bridge between Japanese and European cultures, and explore new ways of entertainment using 3D technologies.


Little family business 🎎

To support our family while we develop our projects, we sell all the assets that we use in our own production. By shopping here, you get heavily tested quality assets, and you also fund our projects, helping our dream of publishing our work come true!


Our Mission

We are here to tell a story. A very cool, exciting, inspiring, larger than life adventure. 

This story is long. It covers events that span for thousands of years from the past, to the present day. It will probably take us decades to finish, but we just can't quit. It has to be done 🤷

We are still working on the format, but we know it will combine narrative, visuals, and music. 

In our BLOG we write about our products, WIPS, and our working methods, so be sure to check it out!

We fund the development of this project by selling the assets we're using. If you want to help us, look around our SHOP and see if there's anything you like! 🌈